Ghosts! Are they real?

Shadow people, what are they?

Shadow men, shadow people or shadow ghosts as they are also refereed to as, are a type of paranormal phenomena that defies any simple explanation. Some of the non-paranormal explanations for shadow people range from just simple misinterpretation's of light play within a supposedly haunted location, to optical illusions caused within or by the eye itself. The shadow figures are generally seen through the peripheral area of the visual field or in other words, they appear out of the corner of the eye. And by the time the observer has turned around to look directly at the shadow figure, it just seem to disappear.

Many skeptics and physicians believe that these figures are probably caused by ocular disturbances and floaters within the orb or in the vitreous fluid of the eye itself, the condition of optical floaters is not at all uncommon, especially in older adults. But they can and do appear in all age groups.

Most of the theories that describe shadow people believe that they are probably sinister or evil in nature. There are several theories that describe what the entities of shadow ghosts or shadow people may be. Some of the more common of these theories state that they may be inter-dimensional beings who may be just as startled and frightened of us as we are of them, and that is the reason many feel they disappear so abruptly. Another popular theory is that they are aliens who are attempting to observe us humans for some sinister or nefarious reason. And one of the more bizarre theories that I have heard is that they are the disembodied spirits of living persons, who are in a state of astral-projection, and who may be there for some evil purpose. And yet there are others who believe they may simply be the ghosts of deceased persons who, for some reason are trapped between our reality and that of the astral plane. And this may be the only way these ghosts can manifest themselves. Many religious organizations who believe in this type of entity, believe they are either demons themselves or are in some other way demonic in nature. Another theory I have heard, is that they may be the spirits of persons who are in a state of NDE or "Near Death Experience". And yet there is another theory that believes they are actually human time travelers from our own future who are here to simply observe what would be their history.

I personally have seen what I think may have been a shadow person, but because the moon may have been out on the evening that I had seen this figure, I have to dismiss it as a possible misinterpretation on my part. I also believe that most encounters with shadow people are simply that, misinterpretation of light play or of ocular disturbances, which are not at all uncommon. I believe that most of these sightings are probably not paranormal at all, but there is always the possibility that some are.

I would like to see more research done into this phenomenon itself. I would like to see this research done to either debunk this phenomena or come up with more substantial and credible evidence as to the reality of these entities, what they are, why the're here and what they may want or need, and whether they're benign or malevolent and whether they present any real danger to the living.

Martin Burns

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