Ghosts! Are they real?

Paper Money Mystery

On 06Feb2011 I went shopping for a snow shovel. I needed one whenever I have to dig out my car stuck in snow or dig in snow to park. I found and bought one in a hardware store not too far away. The total price was $14 plus change. I paid the cashier $100. Now for the change he counted onto my palm four brand new crispy $20's, five $1's and change. I slid this $85 change in one compartment of my wallet, call this "partition A", apart from the cash already in the other compartment, call this "partition B".

Next I drove to the grocery store. My total purchase was $12 plus change. There was not enough cash in "partition B" so I had to pull one of the crispy $20 from "partition A". I was distraught to find there were only three $20's. There should be four! To be absolutely sure, I counted the cash piece by piece. No doubt there were only three brand new $20's. I slid the cash back into my wallet. I immediately thought the hardware cashier had cheated me by some cunning magician's trick. I lost $20 I murmured.

I was so distraught and embarrassed my forehead began sweating and the cashier probably noticed my worried composure. For a minute I wanted to tell her to cancel the purchase and then I would drive like hell back to the hardware store to complain and demand the correct change. But I changed my mind. I decided to complete this purchase and do that next.

Distraught or not the business at hand was to pay for the waiting groceries. I pulled out one of the crispy $20's from "partition A". While handing her the payment an old and wrinkled $20 bent away and separated from the brand new crispy $20. I immediately snatched it and inserted it between the two crispy $20's in my wallet. The two $20 bills probably adhered to each other so tightly that I counted them as one. This is a common inconvenience in counting brand new crispy paper money ... or so I thought.

Boy! Was I relieved to know I did not lose $20 and that the hardware cashier did not cheat me. Not only that, I was also saved from a hasty trip back to the hardware store as well as from yet another embarrassment or trouble.

I left the grocery store and this day would have been just ordinary and uneventful. But as I was driving home, it occurred to me that something astonishingly incredible had just happened. I remembered the paranormal. I knew it was paranormal. I just did not know what the purpose or reason was.