Ghosts! Are they real?

Holy Friday Mystery.

A few days after a mysterious incident happened about two months ago, the thought if there would be another mystery soon for me to write came to mind. Well, the reply to my thought did not take very long before I had to write again. As always, I must write and record no more than the truth.

I thought it should be known beforehand that I live alone. My dwelling is one of the most tightly secured in this building. Inside and outside it debases a clam or an oyster. Hence any kind of non-forcible human intrusion is better than 97% impossible.

Tuesday 19 Apr. 2011 I cooked one of my favorite dishes of fish and vegetables for dinner. There were 8 fish. I ate the first 2 together with some vegetables that evening and kept the leftover in the casserole in the refrigerator. It was to be for my dinner during the evenings which followed.

I never tallied how many fish I had already eaten until dinner time Thursday. After heating the dish on the stove I discovered there were only 2 fish left underneath the vegetables. That was strange! I don't eat that fast. Also, now there was too much vegetables and not enough fish. I don't eat this way either. I prefer enough of every sort. Well, I shrugged. I ate one of the 2 and most of the vegetables and left only enough to go with the last fish. I remember saying to myself I would keep this last fish for tomorrow's dinner.

Holy Friday dinner time. I was about to transfer the hot dish into the bowl when I saw 3 fish in the casserole. Now there was too much fish and not enough vegetables. I was astounded, bewildered and puzzled! That could not be. I was absolutely sure there was only one fish left the night before! I knew it. Another inexplicable mystery had just occurred and sooner than I thought.

Today 23 Apr. 2011 I must oblige by writing down and recording the mystery as well as the events which happened lest my mind be bothered and sleep be hard to come for who knows how long. I paused and pondered. From my tally, 2 fish were taken and missing Thursday evening. 2 fish appeared from nowhere Friday evening. I did not do this! No human burglar, joker or prankster could have done this! Hairs were rising while I was writing. I know that is how I will be whenever I read this mystery again.

Moreover, I bought and refrigerated the 8-pack fish a little over 3 weeks ago. It was compelling but I had no purpose for doing so.

Catholics by tradition do not eat meat during the Holy Week. I am a Catholic but I do not follow customs or traditions. The Holy Week started on April 17th I did not buy the fish for the Holy Week. I dressed and cooked the fish on the 19th because I ran out of meat not because it was Holy Week. I never intended to, but the dish lasted up to Holy Friday, April 22nd when the mystery occurred. I ate the 3 mysterious fish and finished the dish that evening because there was nothing else for dinner, not because it was Holy Friday.

In retrospect I realized I never planned any of my actions here and yet they, together with the mystery, just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle; the same pattern as before. Again my question: What is the purpose or reason for this paranormal mystery? Is it to convey a message there is such a thing as Holy Friday? May be I should indeed eat fish during the Holy Week from here on. Furthermore, may be I should start believing in superstitions. Yes, certainly but ... why the fish?

by anonymous