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Crossroads Research Group
Crossroads Research Group - Paranormal Investigations for the IA/IL QC area

Mystical Blaze

New England Ghost project


San Diego Ghost Hunters

Our curious world


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  • Mission Apparition
    Paranormal Investigators in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach Area.
  • Complete Life Healing
    Erin Heaven offers clairvoyant readings, energetic healing's and communications with the Other Side through phone consultations from Boise, Idaho. With over 110 testimonials from happy clients, she offers a Money Back Guarantee to any client not satisfied in the first five minutes. She also hosts a Discussion forum featuring renown author Janina Renee'.
  • Ghost Haunts
    At GhostHaunts you'll find a huge selection of ghost stories, haunted places, cemetery lists, ghost tv and video, haunted ships and castles and more.
  • South Texas Paranormal Society
    South Texas Paranormal Society is a team of Paranormal Investigators that network with fellow paranormal investigators all over the United States in an effort to expand knowledge, share resources, and bring respect and unity to the paranormal field. STPS approaches each case open mindedly and certain criteria must be met before labeling a location as haunted
  • International Ghost Hunters Society
    One of the largest and oldest ghost research society on the Internet. Listen to over 1,000 ghost voices and view over 9,000 free ghost photos. Home Study Courses since 1998.
  • ScifiSource.com - Your source for science fiction on the net!