Ghost pictures

These photos and images are purported of real ghosts or some other paranormal phenomena. Whether they are real or not I cannot say so I'll that to the discretion of the viewer. I do have to admit that some of the images are more compelling than others.

If you have any images or photos that you believe to be paranormal please to submit via email as an attachment.

Brown LadyThe brown lady is a famous ghost photo taken in the 1930s ghost of a man looking out a doorIs this the ghost of a man looking out a door? ectoplasmTo me this looks like a cloud of fog with a either a flashlight or motorcycle in the background.
EctoplasmEctoplasm? Perhaps! Photo courtesy ghost on stairwayIs this an image of a ghost on a stairway? Photo courtesy ghost on stairsThis image has both orbs and what looks like ectoplasm. submitted by Brandy Rolin.
Ghost fact behind treeNotice the face behind the tree. Ghost near RR trackThis image has been provided by Louise Barlow. To view the image full size please click on the image itself. Ghost girlNotice the girl in the background. You can see through her.
ectoplasm at partyThis photo was taken by Art Hernandez on vacation in the Philippines with his wife's family. ectoplasm and orbsOrbs and a streak of light horse ectoplasmHorse ecto photo taken at Gettysburg, Pa
Orb at historic Ott HotelGhostheadfinder Orb at the historic Ott Hotel. Appaition with hatApparition at Ott Hotel ghost facesghost faces
To me this image just look blurry and I can't make out anything. Contributed by Christopher Richardson ghost in doorwayImage courtesy of Shaquira Cooper of a ghost in her doorway. ghost in windowPicture of a ghost in a window.
face in cloudsA face in the clouds black massNotice the black mass in front of the fire place. A psychic told the girl she was being followed by a black mass. The photographer swears it is not smoke coming from the fire place. The spirit of a little girl.
Stanley Hotel Stanley Hotel Stanley Hotel
Real ghost or camera exposure. My opinion, Camera exposure. Photo by Alex Donovan near the city of Salta, Argentina. Notice the figure by the tree in the background. The spirit of the grandfather? Or is it just a reflection?
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