Ghosts! Are you afraid

Fear of ghosts

Do you suffer from phasmophobia? Some people also believe that the term spectrophobia is a word for the fear of ghosts, but in reality it is a word for the fear of mirrors or of one's own reflection. If ghosts are real and do exist, then I don't believe you have anything real to fear, except, as has been said before, fear itself. I don't believe that ghosts have the ability to harm, hurt or kill anybody. And all the Hollywood movies that depict ghosts as malevolent entities in who want to make your face melt off, or your body explode are nothing more than that, movies. In my opinion the film makers who make these ghost or paranormal movies have done a grave injustice to those who really do want to explore, research and investigate the supernatural, and paranormal in a scientific manner, by the way, no pun intended.

I personally investigated a friends mobile home for potential paranormal activity and tried provoking a ghost or spirit that I thought existed there. And the worst thing that happened to me was a small scratch on my neck. Was it paranormal or was it something I had done to myself? I really don't know, but I certainly don't remember scratching myself.

I do suppose that if ghosts or spirits are real, they may be able to generate enough paranormal type energy, to manipulate matter just enough to scratch, poke or push someone. But for ghosts to actually cause any real physical harm, I don't think so! I do believe that it is possible that ghosts or spirits may be able to manipulate your mind, especially if you give them an opening into your subconscious, or perhaps even feed upon your fears and exploit them for their own purposes. So my personal advice to anyone who feels their home is being haunted and threatened by any malevolent ghosts or entities would be to stand up to them, tell them to get lost, let any ghosts that may exist there know you're not afraid.

If you're a religious person, turn to your religion if you believe it will help. If you're not a religious person rely upon your own force of will and belief in yourself. There are also books and websites that may be able to give you advice as to how to exorcise or cleanse your own home of any malevolent ghosts or other negative entities that may be present. But if you do feel you are being threatened by a malevolent ghosts or other entities, do take it seriously and get the help you may need. If necessary you may even want to contact a reputable paranormal research group. My links pages have some listed and if you contact one of them they may be able to help you find one near your home.

Psychics and mediums

Is this image really paranormal, or is it a camera exposure trick?

Psychics and mediums are people who claim to be able sense the presence of, and possibly communicate with the ghosts or spirits of people who have passed on. As far as this ability is concerned I am very open minded, but I do retain just a hint of skepticism.

If ghosts, or spirits do continue to exist after the end of life as we know it, then I also believe it is possible that some people may have the ability to communicate with these entities. How this ability would manifest itself, I have absolutely no idea. It is, in my opinion probably something related to the physiology or chemistry of the brain itself, something that gives the psychic or medium the ability to perceive elements of nature that just may be beyond the scope of the non-psychic, i.e. a 6th sense. I have also heard it said that all people may have some psychic abilities. This may be true, but somehow I have my doubts.

It may be true that some people do have psychic abilities. And some mediums may be able to sense the presence of and communicate with those who have passed on. But I also believe that the vast majority of people who make these claims, are nothing more than complete frauds, and are out only to separate grieving survivors from their money. So if you do decide to contact a medium immediately after the death of a loved one do check into their background.

The reason I mention psychics and mediums at all is simply this. If you sincerely feel you are being tormented or haunted and wish to communicate with any ghosts or spirits that may be bothering you, then I would suggest that you contact a reputable psychic. But I would also suggest that you exercise extreme caution when dealing with anyone who claims to have psychic abilities. And I would also be extremely cautious of any who charges a fee for a basic consultation. I believe that most people, who may have this gift, if real, would be more than willing to assist for a small fee if any. One piece of advice I would like to give, if you wish to contact a psychic-medium would be to first contact a reputable paranormal research group near your home, and some of these groups use psychics or mediums in their investigations.

The first thing I would recommend, if you do wish to make some sort of contact with any ghosts, or spirits who may be haunting your home or place of business would be to contact a reputable paranormal research group. Most of these teams of paranormal investigators or researchers are more than willing to perform an investigation free of charge and some also employ psychics and even clergy in their investigations, depending on the group and your personal preferences. So before you spend a bunch of money on a psychic, who may be nothing more than a scam artist, contact a reputable paranormal group, and find out what they might have to say about your particular situation. It may be that your home or place of business is not haunted at all. Your experiences may be explained by natural non-paranormal factors.

Religion and the paranormal

I do believe that someone who may have been brainwashed by religion may believe that supernatural beings or ghosts are able to harm them and that evil spirits or perhaps even Satin himself may even be able to possess their soul. There are also people who may suffer from mental illnesses like schizophrenia, who may believe they hear voices of ghosts, or see demons when in reality they are hearing nothing but their own thoughts, or experiencing hallucinations. There are probably other people who have such an intense, abnormal fear of ghosts and the paranormal that their own imaginations overpower their common sense. These persons need psychological or psychiatric help.

I'm not trying to say that you should completely ignore or not have any concerns about these things if they are happening to you or in your own home. I do believe that if ghosts are real, and do exist then they could possibly attack you on a spiritual level, and torment you psychically. They may even be able to make you doubt your own sanity and perhaps even do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. So if you do have any doubts at all about your ability to deal with these ghosts or entities then I suggest you seek out professional help. Talk to your clergy if you feel they are real manifestations of the paranormal and your clergy-man or clergy-woman is willing to listen. Talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist if you feel they may only be a manifestation of your own imagination, or if you are experiencing these events during a period in your life of extreme stress, especially after the loss of a loved one. There are also paranormal research groups or ghost hunters who study the paranormal, who may be able to help, and show you how to deal with these entities or spirits.

If you feel that you or your home is being haunted in a negative or malevolent way, do take it seriously and get the help you need. If your a religious person and feel you need help and you believe that demonic or some other dark forces are haunting your home, I would suggest you visit this website It offers a lot of excellent information on the religious aspect of ghosts,haunting's and the paranormal, but especially on the religious aspect of demons and demonology. The author, Adam Blai does an excellent job of expressing the Catholic and Christian view on this subject.

As I said elsewhere on this website I personally do not believe in such things as the devil or demons, however I'm not arrogant enough to believe that I know everything. Perhaps these types of ghosts, entities or spirits are real and do exist. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and err or the side of caution. So get the help you need and is, in my opinion the first place to start.

Why some may fear the paranormal

I believe that there are basically four different reasons why some people may exhibit an abnormal fear of ghosts or the paranormal.

  1. The first and probably the most common of these reasons would be a basic fear of the unknown. I believe that most of us, to some degree exhibit fear, when confronted with something that we don't fully understand or know much, if anything about. And I also believe that even those who are skeptical or don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal can't be 100 percent certain that ghosts aren't real, and even they, whether they admit or not, probably have some degree of fear of ghosts and the paranormal. The paranormal, if real, is something that no living human being can truly or fully understand or explain. Most of those who investigate and research the paranormal and supernatural would, most likely admit that there is much, that even they don't understand. And scientists, even though most of them dismiss the paranormal as nothing more than an overactive imagination can do little to squelch or calm the fears of those who do believe.
  2. I believe that the second reason, many of us fear ghosts or the paranormal is simply, man's inherent fear of death and dying. And in my opinion, ghosts, without a doubt symbolizes death and the uncertainty of what may come after the end of life. They, the ghosts may also represent being trapped between the realities of our earth bound existence and what may come afterwards. And I also believe they may represent the fear of being left behind or lost eternally, especially if the person who exhibits this fear has some deep religious convictions and expects to be either rewarded or perhaps even punished in the after-life for their sins and transgressions.
  3. The third reason I think many would fear the paranormal is the primal fear of the dark or of night. Our prehistoric ancestors had good reason to fear the night. Humans by nature are not nocturnal creatures and our vision with its ability to discern colors has not evolved to be necessarily good at night, and many predators in prehistoric times were nocturnal and probably preyed upon primitive humans, therefore, I believe that the fear of the dark and of the night became a self-defense mechanism of human kind and that this primal fear is a basic instinct. I think this is why many people also believe that ghosts only come out at night or around 3 AM or the witching hour.
    If ghosts are real then I believe they would just as likely be active in the day as at night, but we have come to believe they only come out at night because of Hollywood movies and the reality type of paranormal television programs like "Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Adventures".
  4. The fourth and perhaps the most compelling reason for our fear of ghosts and the paranormal is Hollywood. Most of the movies that present the paranormal, depict ghosts as malevolent entities who either want to possess our souls or kill us in a most extreme and gory fashion. Very few movies have ever depicted ghosts in a positive light, but there have been some. And the ones that do depict ghosts as something other than evil spirits are basically love stories or comedies.
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