Ghosts! Are they real?

Paranormal evidence

If you've watched any of the paranormal reality type programming thats been on television in recent years, like Ghost Hunters which aired on the SyFy channel or Ghost adventures on the Travel Channel. Or visited a few of the many paranormal themed websites on the internet, you can find many examples of what are proclaimed to be evidence for, or even proof of the reality of ghosts and the paranormal or some other paranormal type phenomena. Many of these websites offer audio files of what are purported to be EVP or electronic voice phenomena, which of course you may listen to. There are also many instances of images that are claimed to be those of real ghosts. And there are also many websites that offer video snippets of what are claimed to be evidence for, or even proof of paranormal activity such as ghosts and even UFOs.

The purpose of this article is not to try and debunk these claims or to provide evidence that they are not real. The reason I am not attempting to debunk these claims is simply because some of these videos, images or EVP snippets may in fact be very real and are exactly what they are claimed to be. I also do not believe that I have the right to bring into question anybodys evidence or to call anyone a liar or fake, especially when I was not there to witness the apparitions or sounds that may have been captured or recorded using film, digital or video cameras, or analog or digital voice recorders. Some of these photos, videos and audio EVP may be very real!

The reason I did write this article is with the hopes that those of you who do view these pieces of evidence of the paranormal, will do so with a bit of a critical or skeptical eye and not just buy into the reality of ghosts and the paranormal based simply on this type of evidence. There is a good reason that much of this type of evidence would not be allowed in a court of law. The reason it would not permitted as evidence is simply because it is too easily fabricated, altered or faked using computer image and photo editing software and audio editing programs. I am quite certain that some of this type of evidence has been altered or fabricated, but it is not my right to say what has been modified or altered and what has not. I say this because I am not am not a photographer, videographer or audio expert.

Most persons who are somewhat familiar with computer technology know that it is relatively easy to edit photos using software programs such as adobe photoshop or a similar photo editing program. It is also quite easy to alter audio files with similar editiong software programs and video files can also be easily modified with CG (computer graphics).

My advice would be to watch and enjoy these paranormal or ghost programs, visit the paranormal and ghost websites, view and listen to the evidence that's presented and make up your own mind as to the authenticity and reality of this evidence. But do view it with a critical eye, and do maintain an open and curious mind. Some of it may be real, but I am also quite certain that some is not.

Martin Burns

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