Ghosts! Are they real?

Electrical wire mystery

Another incident for which I have no explanation happened this morning, 07Mar2011. It was not remarkably frightening or scary, nevertheless inexplicable mystery related to the small electrical project for my car which I had to do last week (I can no longer recall the exact date). It deserved to be written and kept in my files.

I have no garage where I could work on the project, so I drove to one of my favorite parks to do the work. This is not uncommon in this city. There was heavy fog just before noon that day with only about half a mile visibility. The park was awfully quiet and practically desolate. I parked my car and started work to revise the wiring of the power circuit of the alarm. I used a length of the roll of red wire. After finishing the connections and testing the circuit, it was time to stow away the tools and electrical materials. It had begun to rain. I rolled up the leftover red wire into a neat 3-inch diameter and put it into the box of materials. Now, in this box was another roll of red wire which I packed up in my gear that morning to make sure I had enough wire. Call this roll of red wire "Wire X". I put the leftover wire right on top of it in the box. I left the park at around 3:30 PM. It was raining hard when I reached home probably about an hour later.

That evening, before stowing the gears in the storage closet, I opened the box of materials to put in a pack of plastic straps. I noticed "Wire X" was missing. I tried to recall as hard as I could anything which I could have possibly done with "Wire X" in the park. I very clearly remembered two things. First, I never touched it as there was more than enough wire length from the other roll of red wire which I used. Second I put the leftover wire right on top of it in the box. So, whatever happened to "Wire X"? I refused to think of any other explanation than, well, it somehow probably dropped on the ground while I was stowing my gears and I did not see it. Silly. And so, I just assumed I lost "Wire X" in the park.

This morning I decided to rearrange the lot of stuff in my tool closet. Lo and Behold! "Wire X" was standing on the floor, leaning against my old diploma plaque behind one of the old tool boxes! Nobody, not even I, could have found it without the painstaking work of hauling boxes and boxes of tools and a whole lot of stuff out of the closet. But why did I choose to rearrange all the stuff in my closet this morning, and not next month or next year? Divine if I knew. All I can say is: It so happened so I would find "Wire X" this morning and know beyond doubt that the event was another paranormal mystery.

For what a little roll of red wire is worth and as trifle as this event might seem, I see the latent value in the paranormal mystery and my actions fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. Had it not been for this puzzle, this "Wire X" incident would have been nothing but a natural scenario of a roll of red wire lost in the park. I wouldn't have even written this incident. But it is very clear there was much, much more than just a scenario. There is reason to believe that events, especially magnified events, in human lives do not happen on their own under certain circumstances. Rather they are part of a puzzle in which paranormal mystery is involved.

By parawonder