Ghosts! Are they real?

Ghost hunting with dowsing rods

Dowsing has been around for centuries it has been used for finding water and other natural elements, as in ore and precious gem mining. It is also called rhabdomancy which the dictionary defines as: (from the Greek) Divination by means of a wand or rod, especially for discovering underground water or ores.

Dowsing or divining can be used for finding many different things and in our present day it has been used by; oil refineries, farmers, well drillers, treasure hunters and police detection use. Dowsing has been used by the military during World War II and the Viet Nam war for finding enemy targets. It was widely publicized and met with excellent success rates.

Today the dowsing rod is very popular in ghost hunting and more!

By looking at the method in which the rods works you can compare them to sophisticated electronic equipment for detecting energy fields. You can test their sensitivity by using them along with an EMF meter (electromagnetic field detector). Your rods will move to detect physical manifestations that require an amount of energy, just like an EMF meter. The nice thing about your rods is, it cannot experience battery energy drain like an EMF meter!

Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is a mass of molecules that vibrate and has an energy field. Even the very thoughts in your brain, are waves which is an energy field that can be measured. Every bit of energy vibrates and puts out waves which can be measured in one way or another. Your divining rods can pick up and detect these fields when trained to tune into the vibration, just like a tuning fork.

Practicing with your Rods to learn the signals that alert you to energy

Your rods may indicate an energy field by crossing for positive and open wide for negative. The action of crossing or open or bobbing up and down is a personal preference in which you train your rods. Practice with them so you know what they are indicating. I use my rods to cross for positive and open for negative. You may even use a bobbing action it's all up to you

  • You must tune into your sixth sense when approaching your new dowsing skill.
  • Then Practice, practice, practice is the most important part of dowsing>

Let's start with water:
Think of what you are attempting to find, tune into its vibration. Throw a water bottle or cross a watering hose and see how your rods react to the positive vibration of water. Try it on various wells or hoses that you know are there and practice this until you see the reaction you get. Then move on to electricity and again think, tune and then find. Use an electrical cord or go outside and find your overhead or underground electrical lines going to the house.

Try finding lost objects like your keys, tune into its vibration then find. Hide in a room and have someone hide the object for you. Then think about where it is. You should come out of the room thinking of its tune and vibration. Pay great attention to the signals, finding a lost object (this includes treasure) you will have to follow the very subtle direction points made by your rods. Go slow taking one step at a time. You may notice that only one rod will point you in the proper direction this is normal. After success and practice you will be able to move swiftly to find your target but go slow at first.

When you have the basics down go ghost hunting with your local paranormal group or on a ghost tour with your rods and see what they indicate.

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