Ghosts! Are they real?

Dangers of the paranormal

Are there any real or potential dangers, to the study of the paranormal? Does ghost hunting, or researching the paranormal, have any inherent dangers attached to it? I do suppose that staying up all night, in a dark, poorly lit, unmaintained, decrepit old building with rotting timbers and loose floorboards, could lead to some potentially hazardous situations. Situations, where the ghost hunter could fall, trip or in some other way harm or hurt him or herself. There are also some other potential dangers, to the ghost hunter. Some of these other dangers include toxins that may be in the immediate area, toxins like black molds, asbestos, and other contaminants that may be in the atmosphere of any old abandoned building. There is also the possibility of venomous insects and other animals that could attack or in some way harm a paranormal researcher. So in this way, absolutely yes, there are some potential physical dangers that the unwary, paranormal researcher might encounter.

There are some in the paranormal field, who believe that ghost hunting could also pose some other dangers. Dangers other than the obvious physical ones. Some of these other dangers include, but are not limited to, such things as demonic possessions, partial possessions, spirit attachments, psychiatric disorders, mental illness, marital problems, alcoholism, drug abuse and even physical attacks by the ghosts or spirits, just to name a few of these potential dangers. Personally I am somewhat skeptical of these claims. But as I have said many times on this website, I am not an expert in the field of the paranormal. So therefore perhaps some, if not all of these other dangers are real and could be cause for concern.

I do believe that ghosts are most likely real, and there could be some possibility of being attacked by a spirit or ghost if the ghost hunter uses tactics such as taunting or provoking. As I have said in another article I personally do not believe that such tactics as provoking, or in some other way antagonizing a ghost or spirit, for the purpose of making contact or obtaining an EVP should be employed. If ghosts are real and do exist, then I believe they deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other entity, living or not.

The only real dangers, I see in the hunting of ghosts, other than the obvious physical ones, would be to the psyche, religious faith and psychological well being of the ghost hunter. If the ghost hunter should experience or see something paranormal. Something that may be, in contradiction to his or her religious beliefs and faith, then I absolutely do believe that this contradiction could, in itself, result in some deep psychological problems that may be severe enough to require professional help. Help from either their clergy or even a psychologist or psychiatrist or possibly even both. But I do believe that if the ghost hunter or paranormal investigator is well grounded in his or her personal faith and religious beliefs, and maintains a good, healthy, well balanced attitude toward any potential paranormal activity or events. Then I believe that even this danger, would be all but eliminated.

By Martin Burns