Ghosts! Are they real?

Is my dads house haunted?

I was at my dad's place a few years back, and I was on the computer looking up videos on You Tube. After awhile, the computer started not working, but that was normal. (it was late in the night, by the way). So I got up and turned off the screen. The room was almost pitch black.

The room I was sleeping in at the time was the living room, and the TV was on. As I turned to face the door, I could swear that I felt something go through me. Being freaked out, I ran out to the couch, and didn't leave until morning. I still remember that after about 5 years. Recently I've experienced other things there. I'll place something somewhere, and it'll end up on the floor, or in another place altogether. If its in a different place, it tends to be someone else. Also, the back door that leads out to the porch has a window with curtains next to it. According to my dad, he closed the door, but the curtains didn't move. Not strange? He opened and closed the door numerous times and it barely moved at all, when normally it would sway back and forth. I've also heard a couple voices that seem to belong to a spirit, but they don't come very often. I can't always make out what they say, but one time, not too long ago, I swear I heard a girl say, and I quote "Help... I don't want to be alone!" And she sounded a little sad. This is by far the most paranormal thing that's happened.

by Dylan Wagner

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