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Exploring Americas Mysterious Past

America is a great nation with an incredibly rich history and a diverse culture. It has been a key player in some of history's greatest triumphs, and is a powerful and admired nation today. However, it has also experienced great tragedy and is home to many head-scratching mysteries that color its history. Let's take a small peek into its history and explore a small part of America's mysterious past.

Colonial Williamsburg may not be the most obvious place to start when exploring the mysteries of historic America. This living history museum and historic district attracts thousands of history buffs and tourists each year who want to learn more about life in America during the 18th century. Dedicated actors live in the district and portray daily life during the Colonial period and the American Revolutionary War. As a key location during the American Revolution, Colonial Williamsburg witnessed its fair share of tragedy and intrigue, which you can hear more about when you book a tour with

Colonial Ghosts, one of the premiere Williamsburg ghost tours, takes curious and eager to learn visitors on a guided walking tour of the historic district every night. On these tours, you can learn more about the area's tragic and mysterious past, and your licensed tour guide will tell you some harrowing ghost stories that will send chills up and down your spine. The area is known for its rich history, but it is also deeply enshrouded in mystery, with tales of supernatural activity and hauntings being told to this very day.

To explore another dark period during America's history, make your way to Massachusetts, where you can learn more about the tragic Salem Witch Trials, where more than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft, and 20 people were put to death as a result of the trials.

The Salem Witch Trials began in January, 1692 when a group of young girls fell ill and began behaving strangely after playing a fortune-telling game. They were examined by a doctor who was unable to find anything wrong with them physically, and it was suggested that they might have been bewitched. One thing led to another until hundreds of people were eventually accused of practicing witchcraft, which to the highly religious residents of Salem, was an offense punishable by death.

To this day, there is still no definite answer as to what exactly caused the Salem Witch Trials. Some of the most popular theories include epilepsy, conversion disorder, Lyme disease, or simple fraud, but there is not enough evidence supporting any of these to come to a definite conclusion, and this dark period remains one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries.

Finally, perhaps one of the most baffling mysteries in the history of America is the vanishing of the Roanoke Colony. The colony was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1585, on Roanoke

During the Anglo-Spanish war, the colonists suddenly disappeared without any clear explanation, and to this day there is not enough conclusive evidence to deduce what happened to them.

These are just three of the thousands of mysteries that surround America's past. There are plenty more events and subjects to delve in, and if nothing else, learning more about them should give you a greater appreciation for the complexity and intricacy of America's history.

Paranormal evidence

If you've watched any of the paranormal reality type programming that has been on television in recent years, like Ghost Hunters which aired on the SyFy channel or Ghost adventures on the Travel Channel. Or visited a few of the many paranormal theme websites on the internet, you can find many examples of what are proclaimed to be evidence for, or even proof of the reality of ghosts and the paranormal or some other paranormal type phenomena. Many of these websites offer audio files of what are purported to be EVP or electronic voice phenomena, which of course you may listen to. There are also many instances of images that are claimed to be those of real ghosts. And there are also many websites that offer video snippets of what are claimed to be evidence for, or even proof of paranormal activity such as ghosts and even UFOs.

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Shadow people, what are they?

Shadow men, shadow people or shadow ghosts as they are also refereed to as, are a type of paranormal phenomena that defies any simple explanation. Some of the non-paranormal explanations for shadow people range from just simple misinterpretation's of light play within a supposedly haunted location, to optical illusions caused within or by the eye itself. The shadow figures are generally seen through the peripheral area of the visual field or in other words, they appear out of the corner of the eye. And by the time the observer has turned around to look directly at the shadow figure, it just seem to disappear.

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Ghost hunting with dowsing rods

Dowsing has been around for centuries it has been used for finding water and other natural elements, as in ore and precious gem mining. It is also called rhabdomancy which the dictionary defines as: (from the Greek) Divination by means of a wand or rod, especially for discovering underground water or ores.

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Provoking ghosts

I am not a professional ghost hunter or paranormal researcher. I don't know a lot about ghost hunting but I do know one thing, the way it's depicted in programs like Ghost Hunters or any of the numerous other shows of that nature is not what really happens. I suppose that staying up all night with the hopes of seeing or actually capturing a photographic or video image of an apparition could be quite boring, but I also suppose that if the ghost hunter is fortunate enough to see or capture that apparition or ghost on film or with a digital camera, then it would be quite exhilarating. But I also think that there is one ethical question that should be considered when investigating the paranormal or hunting ghosts. I am not going to give up my basic beliefs and open minded skepticism about the existence of ghosts and the paranormal, but like the web address of this site indicates I am a former skeptic who believes that ghosts most likely are real, and probably do exist.

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Orbs, what are they?

It seems to me that orbs, is one of the more controversial phenomena that ghost hunters and paranormal researchers deal with. And from what I have been able to gather by doing a little research is that most ghost hunter now dismiss almost all photographs and images of orbs as nothing more than dust particles, insects, pollen or moisture droplets that happen to show up, primarily on pictures that are created with digital photographic equipment using a flash. However there are also some ghost investigators who still adhere to the belief that some of these orbs are evidence of paranormal activity, and perhaps even of spiritual or ghostly energy itself.

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Ouija board! Dangerous toy?

Is there a danger to the use of the Ouija board? The Ouija board, or as it is also known as the talking board, spirit board or even witch board. Is it simply a toy, or is there is some sort of danger attached to it's use, danger from evil spirits, ghosts or demonic forces? Danger that these entities could possibly attack the user or users on a spiritual level.

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Dangers of the paranormal

Are there any real or potential dangers, to the study of the paranormal? Does ghost hunting, or researching the paranormal, have any inherent dangers attached to it? I do suppose that staying up all night, in a dark, poorly lit, unmaintained, decrepit old building with rotting timbers and loose floorboards, could lead to some potentially hazardous situations. Situations, where the ghost hunter could fall, trip or in some other way harm or hurt him or herself. There are also some other potential dangers, to the ghost hunter. Some of these other dangers include toxins that may be in the immediate area, toxins like black molds, asbestos, and other contaminants that may be in the atmosphere of any old abandoned building. There is also the possibility of venomous insects and other animals that could attack or in some way harm a paranormal researcher. So in this way, absolutely yes, there are some potential physical dangers that the unwary, paranormal researcher might encounter.

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Proving the paranormal, a fools quest.

Is it possible to prove the paranormal, and the existence of ghosts? Can it be demonstrated scientifically that the spirit or personality of a person transcends death? Is it possible to prove, even to the most ardent skeptics or perhaps even to an open-minded skeptic that ghosts are real and do exist? To be perfectly honest, I don't know if it is possible to prove, in any sort scientific manner the reality of the supernatural and paranormal. It may be possible to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that ghosts are real. Proof that may be acceptable in a court of law, proof that may even be beyond a reasonable doubt, proof that might convince the majority of people and perhaps even the majority of scientists that the paranormal is the normal. It may be possible to proof the existence of ghosts, but it will always be impossible to prove that they do not exist. The burden of proof does, in my opinion ride on the believers, not on the skeptics.

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The ghosts! A physical thing

Is the ghost or soul of a deceased person a physical thing or is it purely some sort spiritual energy? As I have said elsewhere in this website I am a former skeptic, and believe that ghosts are most likely real. And if it is true that ghosts are real and do continue to exist in some form after death, then I have often wondered whether that ghost is a physical entity made of actual matter which has mass, or is it some sort of purely spiritual energy being that has no physical mass at all. I'm fairly certain that most scientists or at least the ones who might believe in the possibility of ghosts would probably say it is some sort of physical entity with an energetic component, whereas most theological or religious persons would probably believe that the soul is a purely spiritual being in nature with no physical attributes at all, and probably resides in another realm of reality other than ours, ie, heaven or hell.

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Skepticism and the paranormal

When it comes to the idea of ghosts, haunting's and the paranormal there are, in my opinion four basic types of personalities.

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What you can expect from a ghost walk

Ghost hunting events have increased in popularity over the past few years, thanks largely to the number of paranormal-related TV shows and films that have appeared. Programs such as Most Haunted, and films such as Paranormal Activity tap into the desire to feel the adrenaline rush that being scared creates.

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Where spirits reside

I used to be somewhat of a skeptic. But because of my interest in electronic voice phenomenon and some personal experiences I have had, I have become more of a believer and I do feel that ghosts most likely are real and that there is something to the paranormal. And it probable that our souls continue to exist after the end of life. And if it is true that ghosts exist, then I have also wondered where these ghosts or spirits reside. I have often asked myself, do they exist within our realm of reality, but on a much more subtle level, or do they reside in an entirely different realm of existence such as another dimension, or perhaps even in another time, or maybe even in another universe.

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Psychic Powers

Ways To Prove Your Innate Psychic Talent

Skeptics the world over have done their best to disprove the existence of psychic powers. Despite that, interest in supernatural talent has only grown over recent years. Even the US Army has put enough stock in the idea of psychic powers to perform tests in physically talented individuals. Here are some signs of psychic ability, and how to identify them in yourself. One of the talents considered most common in psychics is above average empathy. While empathy is the ability to see pain or emotions in others and relate to it, empaths take this a step further and sense non-surface level emotions. If you have a talent for realizing something is wrong with others, or feel sad near those with deep-rooted depression, this may be a sign that you are capable of sensing the suppressed emotions of others.

Mind over time

Having a sixth sense means being able to read the world in a way others can't. But psychic experts say the level of talent of everyone's sixth sense isn't the same, even when awakened. Premonition is one of the most identifiable talents of a psychic, as it allows you to see not only what others can't, but even into different times that have yet to come. The most recognizable sign of talent for premonition is what we call a gut-feeling or deja vu. The ability to get a bad feeling just before something terrible happens could be a sign of an untrained or unawakened talent for premonition. Likewise, many events in history are preceded by uninvolved individuals writing down details of the disaster about to occur or having vivid and uncomfortable dreams that match the event.

Awakening Past Feelings

Psychometry is the ability to sense the history of a place, person or object through touch or proximity. If you have a latent talent for psychometry, it may be that when meeting others for the first time you feel an inkling of where they've been or what they've suffered before meeting you. Additionally, the ability to guess who lived in a home before you or other similar signs may prove you have psychic talent.

See with your mind

Psychometry is the ability to sense the history of a place, person or object through touch or proximity. If you have a latent talent for psychometry, it may be that when meeting others for the first time you feel an inkling of where they've been or what they've suffered before meeting you. Additionally, the ability to guess who lived in a home before you or other similar signs may prove you have psychic talent.

Different signs mean different things

People show different signs of psychic powers in different ways. Considering the spectrum of abilities people attribute to those with psychic powers, a sign may reveal that you have a completely different talent than others. If you recognize one or more of these signs in yourself, it may be that you have psychic powers and may not have awakened them yet.

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