Ghosts! Are they real?

A personal story

It first started when I was around about 7-8 years old, I remember moving into a new bungalow in England. When we were first looking at the house, I remember being petrified of the house, I can remember hearing thunder and lightning and it felt like the room was shaking, no one else seemed to hear or feel anything.

My parents liked the house and soon we moved in. I don't remember this part at all, it is like my memory has been wiped clean, but both my parents have told me the stories. My mother used to hear me talking in the middle of the night and come into my room to find me talking and looking at something at the end of my bed, when asked who I was talking to I would reply, The man in the tall hat. There have been many incidents round about this time. I was not allowed to open the front door at that age, and our front door had that glass where you could only make out shapes. My uncle came to the door and my father was sleeping, I walked past the door to wake up my father. When my uncle was finally let in the house he asked why my father hadn't let him in, when he had explained he had been sleeping, my uncle replied, I seen you walk past with Natalie. He had seen the shape of a man walking behind me as I was walking. There had also been times when someone would look at me, look away and double back claiming there had been a man behind me.

Other incidents include, when I moved back to Scotland, I was about 11-12, and I woke up during the night because I was needing the toilet. I sleep with my room door closed and when I walked to my door just as I was about to turn the handle, There was an almighty banging, as though someone had slammed their fists on my door several times. I got an initial shock, but the first thing I done was fling my door open, to find nothing there. I just went back to bed.

More recent things were roughly 2 weeks ago, I am now 18 years old. I was on my computer and my printer turned on. My printer has to be turned on manually by the button, I thought I could have just accidentally touched it with my foot, so I turned it off. Two minutes later, it flashed on again (I hadn't touched this time) and then turned back off.

I was in my room and doing my hair, when a photo of me and my boyfriend fell on my head from my shelf. There was nothing that could have caused the photo frame to have fallen. Later that night, I went to bed to find a picture of a friend of mine that had passed away recently on my bed. This was very creepy.

Natalie Probert