Ghosts! Are they real?

A fathers story

I have had many ghost experiences. I will tell you one: One evening my son came into my room exclaiming that there was a ghost in his room. I put my attention to his room and told him that it was a friendly ghost and it just wanted some company.

He implored me to do something (experience). As I walked to his room I realized this time I'd make him point to it as proof I am not crazy. He did but not before I looked but I made like I was scanning the room. Not the proof I really was looking for, but better than nothing. I invited the ghost into my room as I promised that I'd do something about the ghost. I was back reading, the ghost in the corner, I smiled and said make yourself at home. Seconds later my son came in all excited exclaiming that the ghost was gone, and tripping one the last word he said, looked into the corner where the ghost was pointed his finger at it and exclaimed,Dad, the ghost is in your room now! I explained that I invited it to stay with me because it was lonely. My son protested but I assured him that the ghost was going to stay in my room. I'd finally got my clear proof. The next day the ghost had moved on and I asked my son about his experience. He said that the ghost was palpable, very palpable. This is just one of many, and one of the easiest.

Steve Smith

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